HHypnosis Certification and Advanced Training ~ 2020

Imagine your career where you actually help people change their life, fast! 

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Hypnosis Certifications! 


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Certified Hypnotist Options

Option 1 – At your own pace

  • 4-hour modules emailed to you

  • Email Randi your review/homework and receive the next module

  • Monthly online Q & A  


Option 2 - Certified Hypnotist Training 2021

  • Dates to be determined but you can get started right now with the 4-hour modules and join us during any live or online Certified Hypnotist training. 

  • 48 hours live training + 15 hours of Self-Study = 63 hours

  • Once you complete the 63 hours and pass the test, you become a Certified Hypnotist through the International Hypnosis Federation and Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy


Your Investment

$1,997 when you pay in full, you save $250

$2,247 on a payment plan


Here’s what you get

  • Certification with the International Hypnosis Federation & Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy

  • 1 Year Membership with the IHF

  • 200-page Curriculum + Textbook

  • Hypnotherapy to assist you

Special: Invest in Both Certifications and Save $500.

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Certified Hypnotherapist ~ Advanced*

*Advanced training.  You must be a Hypnotist to take this course.


Option 1 – Live Online Certified Hypnotherapist Training + Retreat


  • 4 hour live online classes with Randi Light 9:30 to 1:30 CST

  • Each class is recorded so if you can’t make it you can watch the recording.

  • You must watch/ listen to the recording and send in your homework prior to the next training

  • Tuesdays - Sept 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct 6, 13, 20, 27 Nov 3, 10 & 17th, 2020.


Option 2 – At your own pace

  • Self-Study Course + Monthly Q & A

  • Homework, Test + 2 Coaching Calls with Randi for to become an Essential 4 Specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist



  • 48 classroom hours of online weekly training

   + 15 hours of Self Study

  • 63 hours of training qualifies you to become a Certified Hypnotherapist and an Essential 4 Specialist

  • Once you complete the 63 hours and pass the test, you become a Certified Hypnotherapist thru the International Hypnosis Federation and Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy


Advanced Training Modules Included

  • The Essential 4 Success System Curriculum and Training Manual

    • Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain

    • Past Life + Age Regression Training

    • NLP Techniques – Timeline Therapy

    • Overcoming Fears & Phobias

    • Forgiveness Process

  • More NLP Techniques

  • Introduction to sessions for:

    • Pain Relief & Healing Techniques

    • Weight Loss & Smoking Cessation



Your Investment

$1,997 when you pay in full, you save $250

$2,247 on a payment plan

Special: Invest in both Certifications and Save $500

The Hypnotherapy Certification Randi is offering you features the latest research in:

  • The mind body connection (to help your clients rapidly resolve those physical issues)

  • Neuroscience (the scientific proof of why we do what we do)

  • Heart coherence (allowing others to be their very best)

This equals to YOUR CLIENTS outstanding upgrades emotionally, physically, mentally, financially & spiritually.

See Training Options Above.


‘Certified Hypnotist’ Training ~ 2020

Dates:  Invest in Training #1 and become a Certified Hypnotist 

Location: In Person or on Your Computer
Here's What You Get:
    • Curriculum
    • Certification and 1 year membership with the International Hypnosis Federation and ELHA.
    • Textbook
    • Certificate of Completion
Several Ways to Invest in Your Future:
Reserve Your Seat
Pay in Full and SAVE $250 and Receive Bonuses.....Below!
$600 Down Payment, then $549.67 for 3 months.
Total $2,249

Pay in Full Now and Save!

Highlights of what you learn:
  • How to hypnotize someone easily and quickly (And take them out of hypnosis, too)
  • The difference between hypnosis and meditation
  • Heart Rate Variability and the Quick Coherence Technique
  • Rapid Techniques to change emotions
  • How to zero in on your clients and patients dominant mode of communication to make change so much easier
  • Specific strategies on establishing rapport with anyone
  • Methods of Communicating with the Subconscious and Superconscious Mind
  • A variety of Inductions (including instant inductions and fast inductions)
  • Deepeners, convincers and suggestibility tests for kids and adults
  • The Science behind the hypnotic phenomena, brainwave states, subconscious programming, healing, change and transformation
  • How to program your subconscious mind
  • Transformational pretalk with scientific research and mental training
  • The Fundamentals of a Hypnosis Session
  • How to create highly effective suggestions in and out of trance 
  • The Laws of The Mind
  • The most powerful vehicles for change – Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Psychology
  • Anchoring to change your state, Collapsing Anchors to change states, memories and experiences
  • Instantly stop Fears and Phobias
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Beliefs and Behavior Patterns: what they are, where they come from and how to change them
  • Reprogramming, Repatterning and Reframing
Invest in Training #1 and become a Certified Hypnotist - 
Training #2 Advanced ~ Become Certified Hypnotherapist

Location: In Person at Your Own Pace on Your Computer....Let's Get Started and Make 2020 Your BEST year EVER!

Questions? Contact Randi 219.929.8726

What Student, Katie, Has to Say About Randi's Certification Course

Advanced Hypnosis Certifications

Essential 4 Protocol

Certified Specialist

(included in the Advanced Hypnotherapist Certification)

For Hypnotherapists & Coaches Who Want Immediate Success! (See special offer.)

  • Get Greater Success with Your Clients!

  • Gain Confidence in Your Abilities to Facilitate Rapid and Lasting Change

  • You Are Ready to Be the Best Hypnotherapist or Coach You Can Be

Essential 4 Certification is For YOU.

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Certified Peak Performance Coach

Create Success in Peak Performance

Hypnotists and Coaches who Specialize often Have the Most Success.

Peak Performance is a popular niche with many clients looking for support.


Two Ways to Invest in Your Future

Pay in Full ~ $697

Advanced Hypnosis Certifications~Past Life Regression

*(see special offer)

Contact Randi for Current Dates

Advanced Hypnosis Training 

Limited to first 7 people who register for any Advanced Hypnosis Training & Certification Session Location: Northwest Indiana (1-hour Shoutheast of Chicago & near Lake Michigan)

What is the FASTEST Technique for Client Healing? What is the most EFFECTIVE way to create Transformation? Do you LOVE learning how to get your clients Amazing Results? If you are like me, you may have begun your hypnosis journey with a passionate curiosity about past lives. Reading books and wondering who you were and what talents you had. Or maybe you met a lover and had a knowing you had been together before.


I consistently get inquiries for Past Life Regression and referrals from other hypnotists because I lead Past Life Regressions in groups and with private clients. Do you believe that Regression is the cornerstone of hypnotherapy but don’t feel confident enough to do include it as part of your practice?  Please click on picture for more details, or...


Get Started Now!
Advanced Certification ~ Hypnotic Pain Relief & Healing Techniques

What is the FASTEST Technique for Client Healing? What is the most EFFECTIVE way to create Transformation? Do you LOVE learning how to get your clients Amazing Results?
If this is YOU, let’s keep going because this training delivers pain relief and healing techniques as well as a system that gets results.

After hypnotizing thousands of children and adults, I discovered some interesting and important insights when it comes to dealing with chronic and acute pain.  These insights are now protocols that you will learn and practice at the training so that you can immediately implement the techniques with your clients.

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