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Every Thursday.


  • How to hypnotize someone easily and quickly (And take them out of hypnosis, too)
  • The difference between hypnosis and meditation
  • Heart Rate Variability and the Quick Coherence Technique
  • Rapid Techniques to change emotions
  • How to zero in on your clients and patients dominant mode of communication to make change so much easier
  • Specific strategies on establishing rapport with anyone
  • Methods of Communicating with the Subconscious and Superconscious Mind


The Hypnotherapy Certification Randi is offering you features the latest research in:

  • The mind body connection (to help your clients rapidly resolve those physical issues)

  • Neuroscience (the scientific proof of why we do what we do)

  • Heart coherence (allowing others to be their very best)

This equals to YOUR CLIENTS outstanding upgrades emotionally, physically, mentally, financially & spiritually. Learn More.

Training Dates Options - See below or HERE.

SAVE $250

**Invest in Hypnotist Certification - Pay in Full. Payment Options Available...Find Out More Here.

Advanced Courses

Past Life & Age Regression -

New date coming soon

Find Out More Here

Past Life Regression Event in Northwest Indiana  New date coming soon

Essential 4 Specialist Certification Online –  

New date coming soon

click here for details.

SAVE $200

**When You Enroll in Both Essential 4 Specialist Certification and Past Life & Age Regression together.


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Certified Hypnotist Retreat dates and options:

 June 27 & June 28, October 14 & 15  

Training Dates Option 1

July 17th - 21st 9-5 CST (if it's safe and we're allowed to convene. The good news is 1. Randi's classes are intimate with 10 maximum and 2. can be lead outside, weather permitting.)

Option 2

Thursdays 9:30-1:30pm CST

September 3, 10, 17 & 24th

October 1, 8

Online Hypnosis Certification Test

November 5, 12 

Hypnothoughts Live, Las Vegas, NV

Aug 14, 15, 16

Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, Chicago, IL

October 16, 17 & 18



Coming Soon ~ TBD

Peak Performance Coach Certification 

Cosmic Compass Soul Strategy Soiree What do you want for 2019? Are you seeking answers personally and professionally? Do you want to guidance from your Higher Self and The Intelligence that created you? 

Intuitive Activation & Enhancement Have you ever had an intuitive insight and ignored it? Would you like to develop your inner genius so you can be your best version of yourself and feel more connected to the divine? Join us for 4 Online Classes that incorporate powerful tools for transformation. 

Read More. 

SELF-HYPNOSIS Seminar To Visualize & Materialize. Did you know that a daily Self-Hypnosis practice is more effective than meditation in achieving consistent states of well-being? Would you love to be in control of how you feel wherever you are? This seminar is a must!

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