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Intuitive Activation & Enhancement

Becoming Your Higher Self...

Have you ever had an intuitive insight and ignored it?

How about a feeling that something bad was going to happen and it did? Would you like to be develop your hidden genius, your sixth sense also known as your intuition?

If you want to develop your intuitive skills, then this class is for you. Intuition is just like a muscle in your body it can be strengthened and used to feel more connected to something greater than yourself, create better success and become your best version of yourself.

How many of you have gone through my Essential 4 or at least done the emotional clearing to remove self-doubt, fear and worry? When you clear limiting beliefs and do deeper forgiveness work, you can trust your impressions, become more intuitive and feel more joy.

Apprentice Level 1 Intuitive Activation & Enhancement

  • 4 Online Virtual Classes

  • 2 times per month

  • Each class runs 1.15-minutes

Each Class Will Be Recorded For You:

  • 30 minutes of training

  • 30 minutes of hypnosis

  • 15 minutes of processing


  • Learn how to connect with higher self / Angels & Guides to ask questions and receive answers

  • Learn how to raise your vibrations to a consistent higher state for your own joy and for humanity

  • Discover your innate intuitive gifts and increase this skill and other intuitive skills 

  • Delve deeper into the science behind the soul, the pineal gland, and communicating with other dimensions

  • How to prove your communication is accurate

Dates and Times: TBD, 2019

Your Investment: $400 or $200 per month. Email Randi for partial payment option. Or purchase in full below.

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