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7 Steps To Being Your Best Version Of Yourself

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Dec 9, 2020 12:00 PM CST


Do you like how you show up and respond to life’s challenges? Would you love to respond more resourcefully instead of getting emotionally triggered?
Why can some people let things roll off the back, but you instead tend to take things more personally?

During this Master Class, you will learn Step 2 of the 7 Steps to Being Your Best Version Of Yourself. What's great about that is it provides you with specific techniques and strategies that allow you to get deeper in touch with yourself and begin or enhance the process of loving yourself.

The hypnosis component installs the strategies into your subconscious mind so that loving yourself becomes a habit that you naturally feel everyday.

Loving yourself sets you up to greatly reduce stress, worry and fear which makes you sleep better, have more compassion as well as provides opportunities to let go of resentment and be on a success path of being your best version of yourself.

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Dec 9, 2020 12:00 PM CT. Please adjust for your time zone if you want to join us live.

The benefits of joining the master class live 

  • You can ask your most pressing questions about loving yourself in a healthy way.

  • A special bonus with a 72-hour expiration date

  • Don't you think connection is one of the most important components as we go through learning to love ourselves in a healthy way?

  • Get Your FREE Love Quiz. 

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