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Pain Relief & Healing Hypnosis Certification

Get Great Results are Demand in This Hypnotist Niche

What is the FASTEST Technique for Client Healing?


What is the most EFFECTIVE way to create Transformation?


Do you LOVE learning how to get your clients Amazing Results?


If this is YOU, let’s keep going because this training delivers pain relief and healing techniques as well as a system that gets results.


After hypnotizing thousands of children and adults, I discovered some interesting and important insights when it comes to dealing with chronic and acute pain.  These insights are now protocols that you will learn and practice at the training so that you can immediately implement the techniques with your clients.

Only $697

There are 3 significant but different mechanisms that assist in reducing, relieving and even eliminating pain:

  1. Pain Relief Techniques that change the way the brain interprets the signals.

  2. Healing Techniques that combine hypnotherapy with other modalities to physically heal the problem.

  3. Emotional Clearing System that gets to the root cause, releases the stored emotions from the mind and body AND relieves the fear and anxiety associated with chronic/acute pain.


We already know that just going into the state of hypnosis can relieve pain, reduce stress and improve the immune system.  For example, I had a client with fibromyalgia that went into remission on the first session (and who’s pain went from a 6 to a 0 on a scale of 0-10).  The amazing thing is this was a confidence building, stress reducing session!

Hypnosis with stress reduction can reduce chronic pain when you

incorporate specific techniques into the process.

But how do you consistently reproduce great results that last?


You must offer your clients a system that coaches the mind, reprograms the signals and gets to the source of the problem.  The techniques taught have been successfully used across the board from migraines to injuries to autoimmune disorders.

People are in pain, emotional and physical.  As a hypnotherapist, you can assist clients in overcoming both.

Ramp up your success.  Jump into this opportunity now and receive your Pain Relief Certification in just 2 days.


Register now because:

  1. Space is always limited to the first 7 people

  2. You can dramatically increase your results and your income

Only $697


Dates:  TBD

9-5 CST

Northwest Indiana (1- hour Southeast of Chicago and near Lake Michigan)

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