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Saturday, June 22nd & 23rd ~ 2019 CDT

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Did you know that past events can still be affecting you and relationships in this life? Did you know that wisdom erases Karma?

Getting insights into who you were in other life times can transform your physical body and how you feel in this life time? You can also discover and activate latent talents.

Join, Hypnotherapist, Randi Light to discover talents, as well as heal and release emotions that might still be affecting your body, your life and your relationships. Randi will guide you back in time to help you heal your history.

Hypnosis acts like a bridge or doorway to your subconscious mind which stores everything that ever happens to you, even other life times. Limiting beliefs and strong emotions from past lives, like fear and guilt can have a dramatic impact on who you are and how you show up in the world.

With Past Life Regression, you can release stored emotions, heal the unresolved issues and create a more bright and compelling future in this life. It’s also fun and rarely what you expect. It's informative and insightful, too.


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