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Hypnosis, Law of Attraction & Luck?

What does Hypnosis, the Law of Attraction and Luck Have in Common?

Since it’s March and we’re close to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, (where everyone gets to be Irish,) I thought I’d share with you how Hypnosis Could Make you Lucky.

But first, let’s define what I mean by “luck.” I think of Luck as the juice or benevolent force which allows us to realize our most desired intentions. 

Webster’s Dictionary defines luck as: a force that  brings good fortune or adversity. Sometimes people will say such things as: “he’s so lucky,” when someone else seems to have “over-night success.” Or, it may seem as some people just have great luck and everything just falls in place, right in their lap, the right parents, circumstances or being in the right place at the right time. You know what I mean….we’ve all experienced others who just seem, well…lucky.

What is this amazing charisma or special sauce these “lucky” people enjoy? For clarity, there are a few things I should say first…Most people who experience “Over-Night” success, have worked very hard on themselves and in pursuit of their dream. Usually, we don’t see all the sacrifices, disappointments, doubts, and perseverance that went into this amazing moment of achievement! Truthfully, most people give up before accomplishing their goals. We might even tell others it was just bad luck.

When bad things happen, sometimes, we say: “That’s bad luck.” Is it really “bad luck?” Or could it be we’ve made some poor choices? Have we allowed our own fears to determine our actions or lack thereof, or maybe we just didn’t grasp and follow through on opportunities which presented themselves. Perhaps, it’s that we didn’t follow through or take enough action toward what we desire.  Or, maybe, we’re stuck in limited beliefs and a lack of self-confidence…possibly even negative thinking or even depression. And, lastly, maybe we don’t even know what we truly want for ourselves….we’ve been so busy trying to please everyone else.

When I’m working with someone who cannot accomplish their goals, whether financial success, loving and loyal relationships, health and wellness or even just general happiness…at the core it’s always subconscious beliefs and programs.  Beliefs and conflicts held in the subconscious will keep you stuck from achieving your greatness.  These beliefs typically consist of that voice in our heads that tells us we’re not good enough, or we’ll never be able to make it work…that we’re not worthy of achieving greatness.

Subconscious Programs: The Leprechauns of Our Mind Leprechaun, Definition: a mischievous elf. Irish folklore usually believed to reveal the hiding place of treasure if caught. I Love this definition and analogy. Leprechauns, mischievous elves in our mind are exactly like subconscious programs. Subconscious, meaning below the surface, a hiding place. If we can catch them, or bring the mischievous ones into the light of our conscious awareness, we may reveal or access the treasure, or said another way ~ accomplish our goals and create the life we seek.

What does Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction have to do with Mischievous Leprechauns in our Mind? Exactly! Here’s the cool part….using hypnosis and powerful self-improvement tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we can access those crazy leprechauns (subconscious programs – limiting beliefs) and change them into something more positive and productive. Once in the light of your conscious awareness, you now have the power to change….grasp the treasure! Or, at least the opening to the path leading to the treasure.

Luck and the Law of Attraction What does Luck have to do with the Law of Attraction? This is a great question and one worth looking into. When your mindset is positive and on purpose, you start attracting more positive experiences. For example, doors may open that were closed before, you may meet someone who has the answer to what you need. Opportunities may appear as if by magic and fall into your lap…before you know it…you feel lucky…it seems like luck, because it can be quite magical.

We’ve all had the experience when everything just felt right! We were in the flow, joyful, energetic, vibrant and successful…the trick is keeping and maintaining that positive mindset and ultimately vibrating at the higher frequencies of love and light.

Whatever you choose to achieve or experience, it all begins within you. It’s not “out there.”

Hypnosis Can Help You Figure Out Your Life Purpose! Are you struggling? Hypnosis guided by a trained, experienced professional may help you overcome those “Mischievous Leprechauns” (subconscious blocks) so you may easily find your treasure! Are You Ready to Change Your Luck? Call me for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s find out how my self-discovery program can get you from where you are…to where you want to be. We can even help you figure out what you’re here to do! With Love and Light, Randi Light

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