Would you like to hypnotize yourself for greater success?

Would you love to be in control of how you feel wherever you are?

Well-being is a skill and self-hypnosis is the tool. You too can learn the art and the science behind visualizing and materializing.

Self-Hypnosis Seminar

The BEST Version of Yourself!

Did you know that a daily Self-Hypnosis practice is more effective than meditation in achieving consistent states of well-being?

During this SELF-HYPNOSIS Seminar you will:
~Learn the most powerful and effective transformational meditation techniques
~Discover how to change your emotional state QUICKLY
~Learn how to program your mind for what you want – Success, Joy, Love, Abundance, Health (Instead of what you don''t want)

What's also great about this training is you will experience deep trance states that make it easier for you to practice Self-Hypnosis on your own.

*You want clarity on the differences and similarities of hypnosis and meditation.
*You want a deeper understanding of your mind and have the ability program and reprogram your mind for what ever you want
*You want a Self-Hypnosis System that works best for you.
*You want to feel confident incorporating self-hypnosis into your life. * You want to understand the subconscious and conscious mind so you can be your best version of yourself
Then this seminar is for you. Register right now because Space is Limitied.

What’s also great about the class is you learn how to deliver positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. You also create your special Mantra to enhance your success in getting into the deep states.

Take Control of Your life
Self-Hypnosis Seminar
Mar 2 and 3rd
9-5 CST
Northwest Indiana

Your Investment in Yourself ~ Only $597

P.S. Want to become a hypnotist? You can apply the 16 hours towards your certification when done within 2 years.