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7 Essentials for Manifesting Magic with Your Vision Board!

Discover the missing ingredients for being an outstanding

attractor, and manifester of

your deepest desires

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Did you know we think 60,000 thoughts a day? Quantum physicists state that thoughts are things - thoughts are magnetic. At least the ones you consistently focus on.

If you notice you are focusing more on the negative and things you don't want, then I encourage you to read the eBook and take the Ultimate Goal Setting Vision Board class.

You get 3 transformational videos to assist you in discovering your deepest desires and goals, programming the subconscious mind for what you want, plus I guide you through the Vision Board creation.



now only $17!


Congratulations for taking action!

Get ready for heart centered fun and focused attention that inspires you to see opportunities and go after what you want.




It is not often that the words of a business resonate and ring so true, but I had the great fortune to participate in Randi's Vision Board seminar and after a particularly dynamic and powerful session, Randi asked the participants to 'describe in one - three words, how you feel now'... my word, "ENLIGHTENED!"

Thank you Randi for an extraordinary day. Now, I am on to finishing my homework and creating my Abundance Project to change the world!

Nancy Knightly 

(Project Manager - Mercer)


I’ve learned so much and I got so much clarity about what I really want to manifest in my life.Yes I want material stuff and beautiful experiences and a better life, but it’s so important to dig in a little bit and clear out all the blocks and old programming that no longer serve, and then with the wonderful help with the hypnosis, start programming your subconscious mind with empowering and uplifting suggestions.

Wonderful work! I highly recommend this!!

Paulina Reyes Avalos

(Graphic Designer)

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