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Relief from Chronic Physical Pain

Does Pain Keep You From Living Your Highest and Best Potential?

Are you taking pain meds or thinking about taking them just to deal with your day-to-day life?


If you are living with chronic pain from an injury or from a disease like fibromyalgia, neuropathy or arthritis, then you are most likely stressed out and worried about how you are going to feel and how you are going to function on a day-to-day basis.

What Is Pain?

Pain is a perception. Pain is an interpretation that stems from chemical signals. It’s interesting to note that anesthesia medications work by blocking neurotransmitters from communicating the signal of pain to the brain.


Hypnotic Suggestions can also do the same. It doesn’t matter the cause of the pain, your thoughts, emotions, stress and perception can amplify or inhibit the discomfort. Even when you are feeling pain, if your best friend calls you and get deeply involved in the conversation, somehow for a brief period of time you are no longer paying attention to the pain signals and thus are no longer experiencing the pain.