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Peak Performance and You...

Mental Toughness Training for

 Anyone Who Wants to WIN!


How would you like you or your child to have the Mental Training, Mental Toughness and Peak Performance Techniques to execute like an Elite Performer?

 Who is an excellent candidate for Mental Training?


  • Anyone who sometimes get angry or frustrated when they make a mistake.

  •  Anyone who is a go-getter, works hard, loves their sport or profession and loves to excel.

  •  Anyone who tries to perform their best but sense there is something in their way.

  •  Anyone who sometimes hesitates, questions, or doubts themselves or their abilities.

  •  Anyone who needs help performing consistently under pressure.


What you will experience

  • Breathing Techniques for relaxation, strength and control.

  • Visualization Techniques for Peak Performance.

  • Deep feelings of Confidence and belief in yourself that are demonstrated during peak moments of your performance.

  • NLP – (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Techniques and Strategies.

  • Tools and techniques that give you the ability to quickly refocus.

  • Tools that teach you how to perform in ‘The Zone.’

  • Self-Hypnosis Visualizations for focus, relaxation, healing rapidly and achieving outcome-based goals.


Children & Peak Performance

Let’s face it: As parents we all want our children to reach their potential and have fun doing it. Yet we also know that the pressure to perform can repeatedly overwhelm our children and make it difficult for them to get the results they want. Worse yet, the anxiety surrounding the fear of failing themselves, their families, their coaches and their teammates can suck the fun right out of the sport that they’ve always loved, and negatively affect their performance.

Learning to manage the emotions that surround competitive sports and to transform them into thoughts and feelings that lead to success are the skills that your athlete will learn with this life-changing program. The athlete can experience MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING through group and or private trainings.


Mental Toughness Training for Anyone Who Wants To WIN! 

– Experiential Workshops

~Creating an Ideal Performance State  

~Top Performance Strategies                  

~ Frustration to Fight

Workshops that get results.  They teach adults and children to be and do their very best.

Mental Training is a must for anyone who wants to WIN!

Private Sessions to Achieve Top Performance!

Each session is formatted to the client’s age, experience and ability.
Sessions can be conducted at my office, on the phone, via Skype or through FaceTime.

The Achieve Top Performance Essential 4 Program is targeted to helping individuals realize their true potential. This training program is for professional adults and talented kids who want the “mental edge” to get to the next level of confidence and skill. Each private session combines Mental Training with Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Visualization and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) strategies and techniques to teach you or your child how and why to change feelings from doubt to trust, frustration to fight and fear to confidence.

Peak Performance Training For Individuals and Workshops Includes:

  • Hypnosis MP3 – to reinforce the mental training and peak performance strategies

  • Achieve Top Performance Guidebook that includes outcome-based goal setting

Session 1

  • Mental Training Activities – Specialized activities that are fun and demonstrate the effects of negative thinking on performance

  • Breathing Techniques for Relaxation, Strength, Endurance and Focus

  • Hypnosis

    • Confidence Building

    • ‘Fix a Problem’ – NLP technique that reduces fears and builds Confidence and Trust

    • ‘Modeling Success’ – NLP Technique that allows the individual to experience having the qualities of an elite performer

    • Mental Toughness – Suggestions and Strategies

    • Rapid Recovery from mistakes

    • Visualization Techniques

During this session, we establish rapport, build confidence, and fix a problem with a particular move or skill. Individuals are trained in mental toughness and taught effective visualization techniques to create a clear picture of the success that they are aiming for.

Session 2

  • Hypnotic Regression to get to the root cause of a negative feeling, including doubt, fear, anxieties and too much adrenaline

  • Mental Toughness – The individual learns how to perform and excel under pressure

  • Controlling adrenaline – The ‘arousal’ response – A must for anyone to perform like a champion

  • ‘Circle of Confidence’ – NLP Anchoring Technique to instantly access a feeling of Confidence

Regression is a key component to any deep and lasting transformation. It helps people understand and release the negative feeling generated from something someone said or did to them in the past.

Session 3

  • Identify and change any fearful or limiting belief about themselves or their performance

  • Learn how to access and enter The Zone of Optimal Functioning

  • Self-Hypnosis – Elite performers know how to induce this state to perform in ‘The Zone’

  • Further work is done to instill positive and empowering thoughts and visual imagery of success.

Session 4

  • SMART Goals – Learn to create performance and outcome based Goals

  • Measuring Success – so they can track their successes

  • Healing Rapidly – Techniques that stimulate healing the body

  • Self-Hypnosis – Training and Practice


Additional Session Information

Coaching options are also available via Phone, Skype or FaceTime to ensure results for individuals during intense periods of high performance.

Teams, Club, and Group Events


Are you part of a team, club, or group that could benefit from this training? Randi is available to provide Peak Performance training to Teams, Clubs, Groups as well as Coaches and Leaders.

  • Team or Club Workshops and Trainings – 2 hours – For scheduling and pricing contact Randi Light at 219-929-8726.

  • Private Events and Workshops – 2 hours – For scheduling and pricing contact Randi Light at 219-929-8726.

*Each additional person after 10 people is $20 more per person.


All four sessions build on the previous session and end with you or your child being guided comfortably into hypnosis where she/he will make lasting, positive changes at the subconscious level that is applicable to all areas of life.

All participants who enroll in The Achieve Top Performance Essential 4 program will receive, in addition to the four private sessions, a hypnosis and NLP audio program to be used any time they need to refocus and retrain their brain to obtain peak performance. They will also receive a Mental Training Workbook to fill out and refer to any time they need a little “refresher” to regain their mental edge.


Why wait any longer? When you enroll you or your child in The Achieve Top Performance Essential 4program, you are helping to master the very same techniques and skills that Olympians use to achieve at the elite levels of athletic accomplishment.


Even more so, the Confidence, Tools and Strategies people learn for Peak Performance are easily transferable into every area of their life. We could all use a boost of confidence in specific areas and this program provides just that!

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