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Are You Sick & Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Depression and Anxiety is Easily Overcome with Hypnosis!

Do you want to make changes but are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or afraid?

Do you want to make more money and feel more confident? Would you like to feel happy again and in control of your own life?


I am so glad you have arrived at this page because there is a very good chance I could help you overcome and release any negative feeling that’s standing in your way of you leading a happier and healthier life and make more money.


At this point in your life, you are probably ready to work on some of your unresolved issues. I hope so because the first step is being willing and ready to change. You can stop worrying. 


You can become the ‘Warrior’ instead of the ‘Worrier.’ You can gain a sense of control over your thoughts, feelings and actions. Most of my clients learn how with the tools provided during the sessions. And because we clear the underlying causes and old patterns of behaviors as well as limiting beliefs, it’s easier to feel more confident, fulfilled and in control.

Let’s face it. Life can be intense. Sometimes we get in a funk. Sometimes we feel sad, depressed, anxious or fearful. It can be tough to make even little decisions. Stress aggravates any condition. Actually almost everyone goes through a stage in his or her lifetime in which he or she needs help getting out of ‘it.’ That’s why Coaching and antidepressants have become so commonplace.


Being human means we create beliefs about our experiences. We also seem to take other peoples behaviors personally. Furthermore, other peoples beliefs live in our heads from childhood events; traumatic and perceived traumatic. After all a 5 year old doesn’t understand about babysitters and may feel unloved or left out because his or her parents didn’t take them on the trip.


We all have limiting beliefs from childhood that still affect us today. And many of these core beliefs are lies! Many of my clients struggle with whether they are good enough or loved enough because their parents one or both of their parents didn’t really know how to love and may had many of their own unresolved issues.


There are no laws stating that, before we have children,
we must clear our negative feelings and beliefs.


Since you are reading this you have probably already begun to break those patterns and treated your children very differently than you have been treated. Honor yourself for that.


Transform the worrier into the warrior!
Transform the Victim into the victor!
Transform into your best Self!

Let’s do some work together so you can feel better, fast. Many of my clients start to feel more confident, peaceful and let things go easier after just one session. Then we start to do some of the deeper work so that your knew feelings and beliefs become more permanent.


Call me at 219-929-8726 if you have questions or want to get started. The website has great information and videos that can begin the process of change and healing for you. I wish you the best and hope to hear from you soon. Remember you can begin with a hypnosis recording. Purchase one or listen to my free mp3 to get you started.


Love and Light and Transformation!

– Randi Light

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