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Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep

Help!!! I Can't Sleep!

If you are having trouble falling asleep or falling back to sleep then you are probably feeling exhausted and stressed out. Since stress can instigate sleep issues and lack of sleep amplifies stress, you might feel like you are spiraling into a bad situation and wondering where to turn. Stress itself can affect your decision-making skills, combine that with sleep deprivation and it can be detrimental. Concentrating on simple tasks can seem impossible. And your memory, is, well – “What memory?”

As a result of the insomnia and the effects it’s having on your life, you might decide that you must see your Doctor for sleeping pills so you can function. Even if they make you feel groggy in the morning, you know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. 

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At last you are sleeping. But now you find yourself worrying about the effects of taking sleeping pills on a long-term basis. Worries and fears about your future sleep challenges can erode your health and your life, increasing the need for more sleeping pills. You might have already tried the natural route with herbal supplements but to no avail. Either way the effects of sleep deprivation, stress and negativity are eating away at your health could be the cause of memory loss, adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure and even weight gain.


Even if inflammation or symptoms from stress, menopause, Crohns, Irritable Bowel, bladder problems interrupts your sleep, the hypnosis is a natural treatment option that gets amazing results.  Our work together can retrain your bodily functions, manage your hormones and hot flashes, reduce inflammation and its symptoms, allowing you to fall asleep and fall back to sleep easier and faster.


It’s a lot simpler than you may realize to quiet your monkey mind and train your brain to relax when you’re supposed to be sleeping. Even when you are going through difficult situations – You can sleep! So hypnosis can not only get you sleeping peacefully through the night but just going into the focused and relaxed state of hypnosis, resets your body’s systems, improves your immune system, and seems to melt away the stress hormone called cortisol.


And because we get to the root source of the problem, overcoming insomnia and falling asleep  and falling back to sleep quickly can become a wonderful new habit that gets you spiraling into peace, confidence and greater levels of success.


"After hypnotherapy, I am able to sleep continually through the night. I feel great. I feel so alive. It has helped me so tremendously... I highly recommend it for anyone who is having issues trying to sleep at night. The benefits are phenomenal!"

-Sherri Wolff

Regression Therapy

One of the most effective healing techniques utilized by hypnotists as a natural treatment option for Insomnia is Regression Therapy. Hypnotic Regression can help you clear the underlying cause of insomnia (and stress) so that you can finally get some sleep without sleeping pills. Even if you have been on those sleeping pills for years  or have had sleep problems for many years.


Clearing and releasing the underlying cause of sleep/stress cycle allows your body and mind to relax, let go and fall asleep easily and peacefully.


If you wake up in the night, you can literally fall back to sleep quickly and confidently. Hypnosis is a bridge or a doorway to your subconscious so we can regress you back in time to the source of the problem. Once we identify the root cause, in hypnosis, we can release the emotional charge stored in your subconscious and reframe the belief that was created from the event.



One more thing – Sometimes people start sleeping better immediately after the first session! Other people listen to the sleep hypnosis session as they go to sleep, and fall asleep while listening to it. This can happen prior to us working together. Purchasing and listening to the one my products for sleep allows you to fall asleep or fall back to sleep easily and quickly and peacefully.

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