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Are You Ready to Be the Best Hypnotherapist or Coach You Can Be?

Get Immediate Access to Certification Training When You Register for the September Event.

Learn The Essential 4 Success System
For Hypnotherapists & Coaches Who Want Immediate Results!

This Highly Effective Training is Offered Live ONLY Once in 2024

NW Indiana (Near Chicago)
September 26th - 29th, October 1st & 2nd | 9:30 - 5:00 CDT

  • Get Greater Success with Your Clients!

  • Gain Confidence in Your Abilities to Facilitate Rapid and Lasting Change

  • Learn a Business Model for a 4-Session Success System to Offer Your Clients

All of Randi's Trainings are Small and Intimate So You Get the Attention and The Healing You Need to Succeed

How Many of These Things Have You Experienced with Your Clients?

  • You get good results with some of your clients BUT you could get even better results if you had a specific system that was repeatable with every client

  • Your client is resistant to changing and continues to self-sabotage


  • You aren’t sure what type of session to do with your clients’ presenting issue


  • It’s hard for you to get clear on the best system to use for your client


  • You are in the middle of regression, and you are not sure what to do to facilitate the inner child work


  • You know forgiveness is beneficial, but you are unclear on how to make it happen


  • You have heard of Time Line Therapy but don’t feel confident doing it with clients

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Hear What Others are Saying about Randi Light

and the System Helping Thousands of Her Clients Achieve Success!


Turn your Challenges into Successes

  •  Learn THE system that can be utilized with every client

  • The system delivers clear techniques to use during every session

  • Transformational Regression, Time Line Therapy and Forgiveness – how to take your clients from sabotage to success

  • With laser accuracy – spot, find and remove whatever is in your clients' way so they can get what they want and move forward

  • Learn hypnotic enhancers that increase healing and results

  • Effectively lead your client to manage their state, their life and their future



"When you know every step to take with your client,

it frees you to be intuitive, on point and focused on

delivering highly effective hypnotic suggestions"


As an Essential 4 Specialist you get:


  • The Training Manual with all the scripts you need for each of the 4 sessions

  • 2 Client Workbooks with licensing rights to give to your clients

  • 7 MP3’s for anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight loss, confidence and healing your body

  • Certification as an Essential 4 Specialist

  • A clear understanding of how to incorporate music into your sessions to increase results

  • Unstoppable confidence with regression and inner child techniques

  • How to incorporate Time Line Therapy as a game changer for even better results


One Technique Is Not Enough.

You must have these 4 sessions to move your client


Become an Essential 4 Certified Specialist and Catapult Your Client Success Rates

The Essential 4 Success System- Advanced Training Options ~ 2024

In Person, Online or At Your Own Pace

This Live In-Person Training 

September 26th - 29th, October 1st & 2nd | 9:30 - 5:00 CDT

Location: NW Indiana (Near Chicago)

How do you get your clients rapid results in their 1st session?

The Essential 4 Success System

This easy-to-follow system plants the seeds for success before you ever
hypnotize them.  This system can be used with EVERY client challenge.

Here's The System In A Nutshell

Session 1 - Stress Reducing, Confidence Building

This first session with its scientific and experiential pre-talk, sets up positive
expectations and empowering rapport to ensure your client gets same day results
and has a great hypnotic experience. During hypnosis, you deliver suggestion that
build confidence, reduce stress, strengthen the ego and assist your client in
responding more resourcefully and peacefully to the world. Learn More

Session 2 - Affect Bridge Regression with Hypnotic Enhancers

Stop treating symptoms of out-of-control emotions. Get to the root cause and resolve it.

4 Strategies you must include for rapid transformations. Learn More

Session 3 - Time Line Therapy to Upgrade Limiting Beliefs 

Are your clients continually blocked by their painful past? By addressing limiting beliefs as well as how your clients code past and future memories, your clients become more resourceful, present, joyful and move forward as the best version of themselves. Learn More

Session 4 - The Forgiveness Fire™ Protocol - The Ultimate Healing

Has past trauma controlled your clients for too long? This process effectively takes your clients

out of victimhood and resentment into a healthy level of acceptance and an empowered next

level of achievement.  Learn More

Can't Wait to Get Certified?

No Need to Wait to Get Started Training. Get Immediate Access When You Register NOW!


  • The Essential 4 Success System

  •  Individual Classes 

  • Payment Plans

Your Investment is $1997
4 Payments of $561.50*

*I understand that I will be charged monthly until paid in full and I am responsible for payment in full regardless of status, or cancellation. No Refunds will be given.

Get Your Bonus

*Register By (Coming soon) for Your Empowering BONUS
BONUS ~ Free 60-minute Consultation Call with Randi

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