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For the Professional HypnoTherapist or Coach

How To Enhance Your Peak Performance Methods For Outstanding Results:


All the Scripts, Tips, NLP Techniques You Need For Private Sessions & Group Trainings


Randi Light, CHt, Master Trainer

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This new book from an award-winning Hypnotist is filled with tools, strategies and techniques that can be applied in private settings and group training's. One of the key challenges for you when with working athletes and peak performers is being prepared. You need specific skills in your toolbox to assist your clients in breaking through what’s in their way. But even when you know the techniques, how do you introduce your Mental Toughness Coaching Program to create buy in and optimize results? This book offers processes, tips and strategies as well as a four-session outline to make it easy for you to implement a successful coaching program.

Private sessions and group training require specific skills that you can acquire from the book. If you would like to know what to do during a workshop or team training that’s fun, keeps the participants focused and provides outstanding exercises, strategies and techniques, then this book is for you. The book also provides you with an education model so you can effectively lead the group and teach the mental toughness lessons.

Inside the book are scripts for:

•Fears & phobias

•Getting into the Zone

•Suggestibility Tests

•8 NLP techniques for anchoring, fixing challenges, modeling success, overcoming fears

•Confidence technique

•Pretalk that creates buy in with experiential exercises

•Breathing Techniques

Take your business to the next level. Whether you want to work with peak performers in business, sports or corporations, you must fill up your tool kit with the techniques and mental toughness strategies found in this book.


PRICE: $19.99


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