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Are You Ready To Become Your Best Version Of Yourself?

After thousands of clients and a lifetime of learning how to help people change, I have created a system that combines the most effective transformational techniques to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  It’s called The Essential 4.  It’s four strategic sessions that can assist you in breaking through almost everything.  The four sessions work great with getting you to your next level of success but is especially great for overcoming fears, feelings of anxiety and depression, insomnia and chronic pain.  The Essential 4 Protocol builds a strong foundation of confidence and self-love.  It also incorporates hypnotic enhancers that deepen the change on the cellular level. 

The results?  You become a Peak Performer, your very best version of yourself. 


You, Yes you:

  • Overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your goals

  • Overcome insomnia

  • Become more focused, productive, confident and intuitive

  • Learn to love and accept yourself which can help heal your body and your relationships

  • Make real and positive changes in your life with confidence to pursue your dreams

  • Can make more money and get better results


These sessions are musts for everyone who wants to be a peak performer personally and professionally.  Randi Light’s Core 4 - The Essential 4 Protocol is a gift for you and your family. 


Are you ready to heal your history, upgrade your identity and be your best version of yourself?  You can experience these life changing sessions online or in office.  I am here for you. 


If you would like to learn more,  contact Randi Light, the creator and facilitator of the Essential 4  or 219-929-8726  or go to

For Your Success,


Randi Light, MS, CHI

Peak Performance Coach

Certified Hypnosis Instructor



How do you turn your dreams into reality?  What’s stopping you or slowing you down? Almost everyone gets stuck at some point in their lives.  When this happens, you have a couple of options; you can choose the fast track by hiring a Hypnotist or a Coach that understands and utilizes the Subconscious or you can take the long, slow winding route.  If you are curious about the hypnotism fast track for you or your clients read on. 


There are numerous beneficial techniques and protocols that create deep and lasting change in the subconscious mind, but Hypnotism knows and utilizes them more than any other modality.  Hypnosis is a field of infinite suggestions, techniques and strategies to assist you in overcoming everything.  Like many hypnotherapists, I love learning.  I personally have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars learning outstanding techniques that can obliterate limiting beliefs that block your success so you can turn your dreams into reality - Even if those dreams are to overcome insomnia, chronic pain, symptoms of disease and feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Call me Today for Your Complimentary Consultation and to Find Out How the Essential 4 Can Work for YOU.


Contact Randi Light, the creator and facilitator of the Essential 4 -  or 219-929-8726.

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