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The Essential 4

Randi Light, CHt, shares her years of experience as a sought after, successful hypnotherapist.

Everything You Need as a New or Experienced Hypnotherapist to Create Great Success with Your Clients.

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The Essential 4 Training Manual

Session Excellence for Hypnotherapists

The Essential 4™ came together after years of working with clients and personally being trained by many ‘Masters.’ When I began my journey as a hypnotherapist, I knew that regression was extremely important, but I felt uncomfortable doing it on the first session for a number of reasons.


Also, some people, like myself, are called analyzer /resistors and regression can be difficult for us.

Furthermore, some clients were so emotionally distraught by the time they got to my office that I realized I needed to first build them up emotionally, reduce their stress, and teach (or re-teach) them how to respond resourcefully to the world around them.


The Stress Relief & Confidence Building Session was born. It is designed to generate ‘fertile ground’ filled with peace, confidence, and self-love. Its purpose is to teach clients how to think and begin the journey of emotional clearing in a light, easy and creative way. As our clients rediscover their confidence, best qualities, and how to show up in the world, we are preparing them for the deeper regression work in which emotional clearing of negative emotions and limiting beliefs can occur.


With the groundwork done, most clients are ready for The Regression to the Root Cause Session. I truly believe regression is the cornerstone of success as it provides an opportunity for deep healing and transformation to take place on the cellular level. The client heals their history, reframing their experiences and their future.


The Time line Therapy Session continues the journey of emotional clearing. It’s a unique, fast, and dissociative approach to regression. The client releases and transforms a dominant limiting belief, allowing your client to get to show up as their best self.


Furthermore, the process of discovery of how one maps and codes time, along with setting it up resourcefully, is a game-changer for many people. Additionally, many clients have painful memories right in front of their faces, which can easily be moved out of the way or ‘blasted’ right out of their time line. As a result, the client feels better about their future and is well on their way to creating a bright and compelling one.


Confidence building, healing their history, and emotional clearing all pave the way for The Forgiveness Fire™ Session. I believe forgiveness is key because it helps to let go of the pain so healing can take place. In essence, all the confidence building and ‘weed pulling’ is preparation for the ultimate healing opportunity – forgiveness and acceptance.


I believe it is imperative to include these sessions with almost every client walking through your door. The Essential 4™ sessions are designed to be cumulative and sequential. The results have been beyond my wildest expectations, and it’s with great pleasure I share them with you.

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