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Peak Performance Coach Certification

Get Better Results with Your Clients

You Love What You Do, but You're Not Quite Sure Which Direction to Take Your Clients?

You'd Love to Work with Athletes and Peak Performers?

You'd Like to Make More Money in Your Business?

You Could Really Use a Detailed, Proven Success Plan to Use With Your Clients?

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Become a Certified Peak Performance Coach with Randi Light

How many of these things have you experienced?

  • You aren’t sure what techniques would work the best with athletes and performers

  • You want to do add peak performance as revenue stream but you don’t know where or how to begin

  • You want to work with athletic teams but you’re afraid because you haven’t done a lot of group trainings

  • A heaviness or sadness that comes from working with so many clients who’s stories start getting to you

  • You start worrying that some of those things might happen to you

  • You don’t have enough time to research and create the protocol, products and handouts

  • You need a business model that makes sense to you


This is how you and I can work together to turn your challenges into your successes 

Depending on how committed you are to adding this gratifying revenue stream to your business will determine which of the following options are best suited for you:


Option #1        Get Certified as a Peak Performance Coach   


Dates:  TBD  — Please see other options  2 & 3 below


Randi Light’s Trainings are dedicated to your success and that is why there is a maximum of 10 students accepted.  Once certified, you have exclusive rights to utilize (not sell) my CD’s/MP3’s, the handouts and workbooks for life!  There are no yearly fees. J


One of my favorite things about working with young athletes is the tools and strategies you teach them can be used for the rest of their life, ‘on and off the court.’

During The Training You Will Learn:

  • A 2-hour workshop protocol for training athletes

  • Highly effective hypnotic protocols for private and group trainings

  • Mindset tips, strategies and techniques

  • Specialized, engaging activities that teach the peak performance lessons

  • Accelerated learning techniques


Once you have completed the certification, you will have all the tools, techniques, scripts and protocols you need to break into the market with confidence and a plan.  You also get all the licensing rights to use my handouts and MP3’s. 

Reserve your seat now for 697.00


Option #2        Peak Performance Digital Package


Looking for something quick and simple?

Start right now by ordering the following Peak Performance Package

  • 5 MP3’s

  • 2 Workbooks for groups and private clients

  • 6 Scripts

  • 10 Peak Performance Tips

5 Peak Performance MP3’s

  • Achieve Top Performance Hypnosis MP3

  • Fix A Challenge – Install Success Hypnosis MP3

  • Circle of Power MP3

  • 4-Step Process For Getting Into the Zone MP3

  • I am a Confident and Consistent Volleyball Player Hypnosis MP3

10 Peak Performance Tips

6 Scripts

  • Circle of Power Technique

  • 4-Step Process for Getting In The Zone

  • Pointing Finger Twist

  • Muscle Testing Script for Athletes

  • Fix-A-Challenge

  • Install Success


For more Information and pricing please contact Randi.  219.929.8776


Option #3        VIP Personalized Training – Certified Peak Performance Coach


What’s great about this option is I, (Randi) schedules this according to your availability, it’s faster and it’s geared to assist you in overcoming any of your own obstacles and blocks.  I focus on getting you completely consistent and confident as a Peak Performance Coach.

  • This is you and me working together one on one via live, online or both

  • We will cover everything the group training covers but in 8 hours instead of 2 days

  • The VIP Certification also provides you with the rights to utilize all my products and workbooks for life.

For more information and pricing please contact Randi.   219.929.8776

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