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This Retreat was Sold Out, BUT...
we added a few more spots so you could participate!
You MUST register by Valentine's Day.
Plane tickets are at an
all-time great rate. 

Text Randi, "RETREAT" to get more details and to enjoy the transformational and healing power of this retreat.

Harness the power of who you really are so you
live a destiny by your design in this 3-day tropical retreat

Want insights to help you let go of what holds you back, so that you can move forward with clarity, joy, and purpose?

Want new and empowering ways to deal with stress, so you become immune to bad news?

Want to connect with and trust your intuition, your inner genius?

Take a deep dive into who you really are so you can transform your life and tap
into your true potential, purpose, and power!

During The Retreat You Will Discover These and More!

  • The Art of Self-Hypnosis to create a life you love


  • Mindfulness Meditation and the power of silence to shift your perspective and awaken your inner guidance


  • Hypnosis Sessions that program and reprogram the subconscious mind for your success


  • How powerful you and your thoughts and use them to create the life, relationships, and experiences you want


  • Tools to deepen your intuition and tap into your true potential and purpose


  • Tools and strategies to feel calm, confident and in control of yourself and your life

This is an extraordinary opportunity to fall in love with your inner child. When this occurs, your whole life changes. You can actually TRUST your inner guidance because you don’t have the wounded inner child controlling your life. Instead, the empowered you is in control of your destiny.


Join Randi Light, Hypnosis Instructor, Peak
Performance Coach, Healer & Founder of Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy

Sheila Darling, Life Transition Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness
Meditation Teacher and owner of Sheila Darling Coaching.

On this 3 day retreat, we will focus on the power of our minds to break free from old habits, recurring thoughts, and self-destructive behaviors. When we let go of preconceived ideas, we open our minds to endless possibility.   

IMG_3115-2 (1).jpg

This Experience will allow you to:

  • Come with a limiting belief and leave free of that belief, so you can move forward with trust and confidence.

  • Break free of hurtful habits, obsessive thoughts and self-destructive behaviors.

  • Let go of preconceived ideas, open your mind to limitless possibility.

  • Connect and deepen your intuition and personal power.


“The Enlightened person is insightful and open minded. She is able to see the world with great clarity, without attachment to preconceived ideas about people, places and things.”



Christi Grana Nissen, BCH, CL

After 1 session of the Essential 4 package, I was so pleased to notice the dramatic increase in intuition just about immediately.  I finally felt a real sense of spirituality.  We uncovered some of what seemed to be missing for years, and up leveled my practice beyond what I could have imagined.  As a Board Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, with 17 years of clinical experience supporting breast cancer patients, the inner peace and polished intuition I gained working with Randi has proven to be beyond measurable.  The best part is that my clients get to experience the new spiritual lightness of being within me.


Katie Wandasiewicz, BS, CH, DTR. 
Hypnotherapist Nutritionist
Forum Health Valpo

Randi has changed my life with how I practice intuitively.  She taught me how to trust my instincts while refining how I deliver this information so that it is most ecological to the client’s life. 

She’s helped me to listen and act on the suggestions my Inner Voice makes and this has helped my confidence tremendously and adds to the magic of hypnotherapy sessions having this connection to greater intelligence.  I really cannot thank Randi enough.  This has been so fun and rewarding for me on a whole new level!


Dates: March 3-6, 2022

Pre and Post Retreat Relaxation dates: (no extra fee) March 1-3, and March 6-8

Come early and/or stay after the retreat and enjoy the venue,

the beach, the relaxation and the company

Registration (January 4, 2022 until sold out) $1497

Includes all meals from Thursday Dinner to Sunday Dinner, lodging, all sessions, pool, hot tub, nature, beach excursion, wine tasting, and extra surprises you are sure to love

Location: Tampa area, Florida (fly into Tampa Airport)

Enlightened Living Women's Retreat


March 3-6, 2022 Tampa, Fl


Space is very limited!

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