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Past Life Regression Certification

This Amazing Training is Part of Your Full Hypnosis Certification ~
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Do you believe that Regression is the cornerstone of hypnotherapy but don’t feel confident enough to include it as part of your practice?

Past Life Regression Regression Training & Certification is a GREAT Way to Help Your Clients and Heal Yourself.

  • What is the FASTEST Technique for Client Healing?                  

  • What is the most EFFECTIVE way to create Transformation?

  • Do you LOVE learning how to get your clients Amazing Results?


If you are like me, you may have begun your hypnosis journey with a passionate curiosity about past lives. Reading books and wondering who you were and what talents you had.  Or maybe you met a lover and had a knowing you had been together before.  I consistently get inquiries for Past Life Regression and referrals from other hypnotists because I lead Past Life Regressions in groups and with private clients. 

Included in Your Full Hypnotherapist Certification....GO Here to Enroll.

If you want to include Past Life Regression as a healing technique with private clients and for group events, then come to this training.  It prepares you and your clients for success.  You learn strategies that guide you every step of the way for Past Life Regression, so you can stop worrying and feel confident, knowing you have a plan and a protocol for anything unexpected that pops up in the regression. 


An important component is priming your clients mind for a great experience and for continuous transformations.  During the training you learn exactly how to do this plus specific regression techniques, hypnotic enhancers and a system that can be applied with almost every client for faster and better results.


Get the answers for yourself and for your clients at this 2-day training and certification.  For the past 10 years, I have hypnotized thousands of children and adults to virtually overcome everything, from Insomnia to feelings of anxiety to chronic pain using this formula.

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Getting to the root cause or the source of an emotional or physical condition is what hypnotherapy offers that most other modalities cannot. I personally use regression with almost every client challenge because it’s the fastest and most effective change agent.  It can be used to overcome insomnia, physical pain, emotional wounds, unresolved conflicts, dis-ease and so much more.   It assists you in creating Peak Performance in yourself and with your clients. 

It also releases the stored emotion, reframes the beliefs and can neutralize or empower the client. 


During the Training:

  • Experience a group past life regression that you can do with your individual clients and as a group event

  • Watch regression demonstrations

  • Get personal healings

  • Acquire powerful protocols for inner child work

  • Know how to proceed when a client isn’t experiencing regression due to fear or resistance

  • Practice on students and real clients

  • Protocols for children

  • Protocols for insomnia

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Real Life Success

I had a client who was overweight, diabetic, had PTS and carried a lot of guilt.  When I regressed him back to the root cause of the guilt, he went back to when he was 4 years old.  The little 4-year had a baby brother that was very sick.  All the adults told the little 4-year-old (my client) not to go see his sick brother because he had a cold.  But he loved and adored his baby brother, so he went in to visit the baby and the baby died.  Until the regression, he carried the belief for 60 years that he had killed his baby brother.  During the regression, the adult self could go and talk to the little 4-year-old and assure him it wasn’t his fault.  This released the stored emotion and reframed the belief to the truth so that he could look at that event more resourcefully.  Then all the other memories get healed and re-evaluated so in essence he healed his history so that he no longer carries all that baggage.  The client can now move forward and create a bright and compelling future.  Then the next time he feels guilty about something, he can get out of the state much quicker because he doesn’t bring all the past events into that moment. 


Northwest Indiana (1-hour Southeast of Chicago and near Lake Michigan)

Total investment is only  $697. (ask about special when you enroll in 2 advanced courses.)

Regression is not about reliving past traumas! In my opinion, this is not necessary for healing.   It’s about:

  • Releasing the stored emotions

  • Changing the negative beliefs to the truth

  • Providing resources

  • Reframing the experience

  • Rescuing and loving up that little you

  • Taking positive learnings from it

  • Neutralizing or even empowering

the client in the memories


Would you love to be the local expert on Past Life Regression? Would you love to become a master of your craft?  Register now for this spiritual and transformational 2-day training and certification! 


Space is limited to 7 people

NOW Included in Your Full Hypnotherapist Certification....GO Here to Enroll.
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