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Stress Busting Holiday Suggestions

For most Americans the holidays bring up a variety of emotions. I love the ‘concept’ of being with family. Meaning I love the idea of it, sometimes more than the experience. The good news is that this is a stress you can actually prepare yourself for. Here are some stress preparation and stress busting suggestions: ~Be Prepared Physically. If you have a lot to do to get ready like cook, clean or create a space, make a plan and begin implementing prior to the event, including lovingly delegating. ~Be Prepared Mentally. Mental readiness - Your mindset, state of mind or attitude going into an event is something you can prepare for and control. It will determine how you show up as well as how you feel emotionally.

Ask yourself, ‘What mindset or attitude do I want to have?’ Now mentally rehearse (practice in your mind) you showing up with this attitude. ~Be Prepared Emotionally. Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are fluid and can change rapidly. Since you most likely know who usually triggers you and what triggers you, set intentions to show up with patience, acceptance, grace, or compassion. Be on a path of discovering and learning about one of these values.

Ask yourself, ‘How can I be more thoughtful, supportive, accepting or compassionate?’ Then set an intention to show up for your event with this value in mind. ~Be prepared Spiritually. Human beings truly thrive on connection. Connection and Love are one of the 6 human needs. These aren’t tangible yet you know when you feel connected or loved. Whether you are with people you choose to spend time with or with because they are your family, find a way to connect, to create an affinity bridge and rapport.

Ask yourself, ‘What can I do to create rapport, an affinity bridge, and feel more connected?’ The bottom line is this, Know you are going to be okay no matter what. Remember you are learning about yourself and how to be a better you. As you let go of expectations, it’s easier for you to be present and patient. Contemplate connection. Unless people have been seriously working on themselves or had a major health scare, they will be just how they always are, whether you like the behavior or not. Contemplate what outcomes you want to experience or feel from the gathering. Contemplate connection and be more of an observer instead of a judge. And as you know, hypnotherapy can and does help you be more in control of your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. When you feel more in control, you are in a higher vibe, feel better and trust and know you are going to be okay no matter what happens! Reach out to me now at 219.929.8726 or email me at to schedule a private session. You will be so grateful you did. Next event is Create Your 2024 Success Blueprint Workshop - January 20th

Make It A Great Holiday!

Randi Light

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