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Unlocking Life's Wisdom: 12 Essential Insights for Understanding People and Finding Fulfillment

If you are like me, you will love the following bullet points about understanding people and life. Write them down, print them out, enjoy and contemplate each point of wisdom.

I am going to share them daily on social media as well so look for them and comment with your thoughts.

When contemplating, look at it from your perspective as well as someone’s else perspective. In other words, think about when you have felt, experienced or expressed any of these. Put yourself in your shoes as well as someone else’s.

~If someone says something nasty, it’s because something nasty is happening within them

~Frustration is Untapped Potential

~I am fulfilled when I can be who I want to be

~The opposite of addiction is connection

~The opposite of depression is expression

~Research shows that when we have an experience, our brain takes a snapshot. When you tell the story 50% of what you talk about isn’t the truth

~Progress over perfection

~People remember how you made them feel not what you say or do

~Fight, flight, freeze or appease

~Your purpose is fuller expression of who you are

~All decisions are state dependent

Anger is: ~A sense of unfairness, ~A boundary being violated, ~ Proof of how unrealistic your expectations were

Soak it all in, reread them and remember to think about these when you are in communication or trying to understand someone's behavior, including your own.

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Love & Light to you all!!!!

Randi Light

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