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What Makes You Grow?

Running a marathon? Learning a new skill? Getting into an argument with a friend or loved one? Making the same mistake a couple of times? Contemplating your ‘failures and successes?

You probably have heard, if you are not growing, you’re dying.

Growth comes in many shapes and sizes. (Pun intended) But what I am talking about is emotional or spiritual growth. I sometimes ask my clients, do you want to learn life lessons with grace and ease or do you need to be ‘hit on the head’ with a baseball bat to notice or learn the lesson?’

Remember resistance is futile because it blocks you from growing into a better version of yourself. When you become a better version of yourself, you experience more joy, love, peace, trust, gratitude, abundance. Doesn’t that sound delicious and divine?

A great first step is when you are being resistant and notice it. This is an empowering first step that begins the process of letting go of the resistance and trusting; trusting yourself, Universe, Source, the process of life.

Check in with yourself when you feel off or bullheaded. Ask, what am I resisting? Learning? Healing? Am I jealous, doubtful, angry?

When you recognize you are being resistant towards something or someone, you could, in that moment feel gratitude for this deep level of awareness. When you recognize resistance and you feel grateful for realizing it, learning, and letting go is so much easier.

You begin to learn life lessons with grace and ease. I personally have no more desire to have my world rocked to wake the F up!

Last week, I led my Essential 4 Advanced Hypnotherapy training. It’s a 6-day intensive in which continuous awareness, awakenings, confidence, and wisdom are experienced by all, including me. Resistance mainly comes from the ego, when people get emotionally triggered because they fear they aren’t good enough or smart enough.

It's part of my job to tune deeply into my students to prevent resistance while teaching new skills for my students to use with clients. Even though it’s my 8th time teaching the class, I still run into resistance.

What truly blows my mind is how much I learn and grow every time I train students. Of course, I get better at teaching something so that my students get ‘it’ faster and easier. To successfully teach advanced hypnotherapy skills without running into resistance is a goal of mine. It means I healed and cleared my stuff and helped them clear their trauma in order to show up to learn the techniques, trust themselves and the process, as well as build deep and true levels of confidence. I do have to say that there was almost no resistance during the class.

I am excited to share that we now have 5 more Essential 4 Hypnotherapists in the world ready to assist you in getting out of resistance and into gratitude so you can sleep better, feel better, make more money, have happier relationships, reduce chronic pain, anxiety and depression as well as so much more. This group is a spiritual group that also loves to help people design a future and get in touch with their intuitive selves.

For You & For The Earth,

Randi Light

Peak Performance Coach

Hypnosis Instructor



P.S. If you are curious about how hypnotherapy could help you reach out to me to schedule a coaching call.

P.S.S. If you know you are a healer AND want to create a career, reach out to me to set up a discovery coaching call.

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