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What is the Essential 4 ~ How will it help you?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

“I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” – Mark Twain

Essential 4 for Your Success. With Hypnotherapist, Randi Light.

The Essential 4 came together after years of working with clients and personally being trained by many ‘Masters.’  When I began my journey as a hypnotist, I knew that regression was extremely important but I felt uncomfortable doing it on the first session for a number of reasons, one was intuition.  Also, some people, like myself are called analyzer/resistors and regression can be difficult for us.  Furthermore, some clients were so emotionally distraught when they got to my office that I realized I needed to build them up emotionally, reduce their stress and teach them how to respond resourcefully to the world around them first.

The Stress Relief & Confidence Building Session was born.  It is designed to generate ‘fertile ground’ filled with peace, confidence, and self-love.  Its purpose is also to teach you how to think and begin the journey of emotional clearing in a light, easy and creative way.  As you rediscover your confidence, best qualities and how to show up in the world, you are also preparing for the deeper regression work in which emotional clearing of negative emotions and limiting beliefs can occur.

The Stress Relief & Reframe Session provides an opportunity for you to feel so much better about yourself and your life.  We basically skim the edges and begin emotional clearing in a light and easy way.  You will enjoy the experience and it will be easy for you to experience what is asked of you to do.  This provides even more confidence and helps you succeed in future hypnosis sessions.

With the ground properly fertilized, you are ready for the Regression to Cause Session.  I like to begin each of my sessions with confidence building and ego strengthening and then do the deeper work.  I truly believe Regression is the cornerstone of this work as it provides an opportunity for deep healing and transformation to take place on the cellular level.  You will heal your history, reframe your experiences and your future.

Time Line Therapy continues the journey of emotional clearing utilizing the metaphor of Time Line and it’s unique, fast and dissociative approach to regression.  Releasing and transforming a dominant limiting belief can and does allow you to show up in the world completely different and as your best self.  Understanding how you map and code time and making sure it’s set up resourcefully is a game-changer for many people.  Plus, many clients have traumatic memories right in front of their faces that can easily be moved out of the way or “blasted” right out of their time line.  Now you can feel better about your future as well as create a bright and compelling one.

Confidence building, healing your history and emotional clearing all pave the way for Forgiveness of Self and Others.  I believe Forgiveness is the key.  It can truly be the answer to almost every problem.  In essence all that fertile ground building and ‘weed pulling’ is preparation for the ultimate healing – Forgiveness.

It is my belief that it is imperative to include these sessions with every client that walks in the door.  They are designed to be cumulative and sequential.  The results have been beyond my wildest expectations. And now you have tools and strategies you can use for the rest of your live to plant seeds of what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Are You Ready to make a Change and Live Your Life With Joy and Purpose? Give me a call for a confidential interview and let's work together. 219.929.8726

With Love and Light,


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