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Can walking in nature increase the 3 S’s?

Serotonin, Spirituality and Strength? Imagine this... The sun is shining brightly while you are walking a path surrounded by tall, majestic trees. You are deeply and naturally enjoying the beautiful sounds of the gentle breeze and animals welcoming you and greeting you. As you easily tune into the sounds of nature, you start to relax and go deeper into the experience. You begin to truly and utterly enjoy feeling the warm sun on your skin, almost making purring sounds of gratitude. You realize you are present, at peace and grateful you got yourself out, moving and connecting to earth and its life. Want to know why and how this naturally and easily reduces stress and makes you feel good? There are unlimited reasons actually. Even closing your eyes right now and vividly imagining the warm sun on your skin, the earthy smell of a forest, the sounds of songbirds singing and walking past the giant ‘creatures’ we call trees, encourages the body to manufacture feel-good chemicals. Yep! Serotonin is one of the feel-good chemical messengers (neurotransmitter) that assists in regulating your mood by carrying messages between nerve cells in the brain and throughout your body. It actually impacts every part of you from your emotions to your body and even motor skills. It can also help with sleeping and healing! You may now be beginning to realize just how important serotonin is for your mental health and wellbeing. You can increase your Serotonin, your Spirituality and your Strength (mental and physical) by getting out in nature and moving your body. I call these the 3 S’s. If you are anything like me, you love when one action has unlimited benefits. This is your gentle nudge to automatically delight in your body’s amazing ability to walk, hike, run and skip while experiencing a deeper connection to something greater than yourself. Go out now, take a break, experience the wonder and beauty of nature, earthing, connecting, presence, and joy. Take action because you deserve to feel good now. Remember you feeling good means those around you feel good and you are more peaceful, productive and creative. Love and Light, Randi Light P.S. If you need a stronger nudge to get you moving, to break free from the anxiety and feel naturally more at ease, peaceful and productive, then take action by contacting me and experience the transformational and healing benefits of hypnotherapy.

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