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How do you prepare for anything life throws at you?

You might think buying extra toilet paper and canned foods will do the trick. Or maybe you think you need more money or cash or lots of supplements for your immune system. Or perhaps taking off that extra weight will help you be and feel prepared. Whereas all those things I mentioned above would be great, they are still things outside of you. And they are things you believe you need to survive and/or thrive. But the bottom line is to truly be prepared for anything, you need the right mindset. I don’t like to use the word right because that implies duality – if it’s not right it’s wrong. I personally like to use the words – resourceful and useful (or not -resourceful, not useful). Especially because it’s been discovered that the #1 Fear is the fear of being wrong. No one likes to be wrong. One of the quickest ways to emotionally trigger someone is to tell them outright they are wrong in their opinion, wrong in their way of thinking or wrong in their approach. Sooo, what kind of mindset do you need to be prepared for anything and everything? That’s right, a healthy, resourceful, and useful one of course! Your mindset is your attitude, your approach, your belief. A sincerely healthy mindset is knowing that you are going to be okay no matter what happens. I was just on the phone with a colleague, who wanted to brainstorm ways to help all the displaced people from the hurricane. She too had to evacuate her home. But her mindset is to give and help any way she can. Her and her husband have been driving to places giving desperate people water, food, and gasoline. But they are also giving something just as important – emotional and psychological support. The fact that she is a hypnotist that is trained in assisting people in overcoming stress and trauma, makes her the ideal candidate to help individuals and groups staying at churches because they have no other place to go. I asked her what qualities are inside of her that is making her give her time, wisdom, and resources, from sunup to sundown. Instead of being afraid and worried for herself, she is finding strength in giving, supporting, and assisting others to shift their mindset. After all, an act of God, as it is called, is completely out of anyone’s control. Thankfully she has wonderful tools and techniques to assist people. And thankfully she has a strength, and a burning passion to help so many people. My colleague, friend and student has worked on herself and her sh*t. That’s the beautify of doing the deeper work and resolving childhood issues. It allows you to move forward with confidence and take action! That’s a gift. Remember what you focus your 60,000 thoughts on is going to determine how you feel and how you feel is going to cultivate an attitude of despair or mindset of I can do this. It’s okay if it fluctuates but the idea is to learn and spend more time in being resourceful and thinking resourceful thoughts that lead you to resolving those challenges. How can you be prepared for anything and everything? You must know that no matter what you are going to be okay.

Are you wondering how to get to that state, that knowing, that level of trusting yourself? You do the work. You spend your time and resources on doing the deeper work to heal your history, deal with unresolved issues from your past and forgive yourself and others. Working with a hypnotherapist can quickly assist you in getting to the root cause of the anger, depression, fear and anxiety. This type of work allows you to take on a different view of your past, in order to create a different story and to create a future you like, while enjoying the present. The absolute quickest and easiest way to cultivate and sustain a healthy and resourceful mindset is to work with a hypnotherapist who is also a coach. The hypnotic approach makes it easier for you to change your subconscious programs and become more resourceful. Remember that in order for you to know you are going to be okay, even after your children go to college, or you separate from your spouse or a hurricane hits, or a devastating diagnosis gets established. You must believe in yourself. You must learn to love and accept yourself and have your back.

  1. You want support? Give yourself support.

  2. You want love, give yourself love through kind thoughts and deeds for yourself.

  3. You want to feel prepared? Cultivate gratitude and SEE your strength, your power and all that courage that lives inside you. Recognizing of course that courage isn’t the absence of fear but feeling that fear and doing it anyway. Also, realize that when you are vulnerable and you put yourself out there, you are being courageous!!!!!

Emergency Mindset Preparedness is as easy as 1,2,3. 1. Love yourself 2. Love yourself 3. Get hypnotized to remove the blocks so you can love yourself the way you deserve to be loved. I promise you this, it will help you sleep better, feel better, have a better outlook on life, have a better relationship with food, reduce stress, reduce chronic pain too. You can move forward with confidence, courage and a healthy resourceful mindset. Here’s what my recent clients said. I am feeling a little better each day and building upon it. I am more assertive and standing up for myself. I have walked everyday since our last session. Want to get started or learn more? Go to my website and book a consultation here or just text me at 219-929-8726 and say "I am ready."

For Your Success and Joy, and Love and Light,

Randi Light

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