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You Are Not Going To Belize It!

I am excited to share some magic with you and assist you in creating it in your own life, because I believe that we can create magic in our life and not just around the holidays or traveling to exotic places but anytime and anywhere, ‘You just gotta Belize it.’ You might have guessed that Belize has something to do with the mysterious course of events that are part of this blog.

First, I have to share how I ended up going to Belize in the first place.

This story begins way before I arrived in Belize early December. The story seems like it began the day my friend Nancy and I had scheduled to meet to choose our vacation destination. We had plans in the evening to figure out where we would take our first trip together. We were thinking warm and sunny and most likely Florida.

That very morning, I attended a zoom meeting that I had avoided for months. One of the people in the meeting mentioned that she wanted to move to Belize and shared all the reasons Belize was a great place to live.

That evening when we got together, Florida just didn’t seem that appealing. I said let’s check out Belize. Nancy declared that it was very important that our destination be part of eco-tourism.

She typed in ‘eco-tourism, Belize’ and Muy Ono Resorts and Copal Tree Lodge popped up. It was in the jungle and even offered sleeping in a tree house. If you know me or Nancy, we were bouncing up and down (literally) because the jungle, farm-to-table and the nearby Caribbean sounded perfect. (Side note, this place also had a rum distillery on site so not only everything we ate, but everything we drank, was fresh from the garden/plantation and organic. OMG)

Since it was our first trek from the lodge into the jungle, we hired a Mayan tour guide named Vince. (Actually, they describe themselves as Maya not Mayan.) He took us to Lubantuun- a Mayan ruins site that has been partially destroyed by dynamite. In other words, there are many other amazing ruins sites, but we ended up going to this one. It was spectacular and awful, at least the way Vince explained what this compound was all about, describing historical events that took place that included dark magic, curses and deadly spectator games for the kings, “shamans” and royalty.

When we got to a small stone section, he described it as an altar, where the Maya people that lived in the compound, would present special gifts to the Gods.

He then went on to say that during the 1920s, Anna, the daughter of one of the famous explorers, found one of the ancient crystal skulls in the stone altar, at 19 years old.

She wrote a book about it and apparently promised to return it to the Mayan people. But before she could, she died and passed it on to Bill Homann.

The story had already sounded familiar. But when he mentioned Bill, I am like ‘Whaaaat? Wait a second. Bill? I know Bill. He’s been to my house with that crystal skull. I have photos of me with the skull. We had a group of 25 meditating with it in my living room. And he lives 30 minutes away from me.’

Our tour guide had never seen the skull. Below are the photos I shared with him. I am still surprised, shocked, and grateful.

What’s even wilder is that most people who go to Belize don’t end up in the jungle, near Punta Gorda. And if they go to a Maya site, it’s much grander looking than the one we went too. Yet somehow, we land in Belize and are taken to a site on our first trek out of the lodge to where that skull that has been to my house was found. Wow. Talk about magic.

As I said earlier, this story was sounding vaguely familiar. It’s because Bill had shared the story when we were meditating at my house, five years earlier. I had forgot about it, but it didn’t forget about me.

If you are like me, you love hearing stories like this. Even more so you love experiencing them. Here are a few tips and strategies for creating magic, synchronicities, and other worldly experiences.

1. Be Here Now. Be present in your surroundings and in whatever you are doing. You

can plan of course but when you are with people or doing something be with them. Instead of being on your phone or worrying about something from the past or future. This allows you to notice 11:11 or little and big signs.

2. Observe instead of judge.

3. Be curious with an open mind to possibilities. I wonder

4. Trust. Trust yourself, the Universe, Spirit, the process of life. I traveled with my

friend instead of alone because it’s easier for me to be in a state of trust when I am traveling with someone else.

5. Feel Grateful every chance you get. Think about it. Talk about it and feel that

appreciation throughout the day.

6. Smile

Guess what? The magic doesn’t have to end, click HERE to discover and perhaps join in Randi’s next adventure at the Enlightened Living Women’s Tropical Retreat.

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